Experience Limitless Adventure At Xplor Park Cancun

Xplor is the most popular and loved parks around Cancun. It is one of the most sought after attractions of Cancun. It is a paradise for travelers seeking a dose of aerial adventures. If you are a thrill lover, this place is just perfect for you!

How To Reach Xplor Park Cancun

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This park is located on the south of Playa del Carmen and is a hub of extreme adventure activities in Cancun on Riviera Maya. You can reach the place via car, bus or taxi from Cancun as per your convenience. This age old landscape is reachable from both Cancun International Airport and Playa del Carmen.

If you choose to come from Cancun International Airport, you will have to cover a stretch of 56 kms, amounting to a trip of about 70 minutes. Whereas a drive from Playa del Carmen is only of 6 kms ad can be covered in about 15-20 minutes.

There are various popular local services which provide guided tours to Xplor Park. The guides provided by such services offer you the convenience of pickup from your accommodation or hotel. All you have to do is call them and make the necessary payments. Although if you choose to rent a car and drive on your own, stick to Google navigation to reach the park safely.

Things To Do At Xplor Park Cancun

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Once there, there are ample of activities that Xplor offers. Every kind of visitor can find some or the other activity suiting to his/her taste. Whether day or night, this park always manages to offer you a good time.

ZIP-LINES – Xplor is best known for its Zip-lines. This activity will let you discover a view like no other of Mexican Caribbean. The zip-line ride here usually takes the speed of approximately 30 km/hr which is swift enough to rush adrenaline in you! Choosing the height of the zip-line is upto you. One can pick anything between 8-45 meters. While undertaking this activity, make sure that:
a. You get your weight checked
b. Don’t do it right after taking meals
c. Always wear the safety gear

AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLESExplore the adventurous tracks on your own while driving these unique vehicles. Driving through the unexpected jungle trails, hidden caves and surprising turns, make this ride filled with thrill and suspense. While undertaking this activity, keep in mind the following things:
a. Don’t take your helmets or safety gear off at any point f time
b. Children should be properly seated for safety
c. Carry your valid ID proof
d. Don’t panic on facing varying water levels, trust your vehicle

UNDERGROUND RAFTS – Paddle your way out in the beautiful waters of Xplor. These underground rivers are loved by adventurous travelers. Rowing your own raft on these waters is an experience beyond words. Although these waters are shallow and absolutely safe, make sure that:
a. You always wear your safety jacket
b. Keep the hand paddles handy
c. Don’t take your rafts too close to the corners of any structure

STALACTITE RIVERS – This one of the most sought after and extraordinary activity in Xplor. No traveler should ever miss experiencing these rivers. In this activity, one gets to go beneath the huge rocks and see how the time constructed such beautiful massive rocks inch by inch. This is what you should keep in mind while opting for this activity:
a. Always wear a safety gear
b. Don’t panic. If you don’t want to continue, there are exits every hundred meters
c. Follow the lights and guidelines provided

HAMMOCK SPLASH – This is the most thrilling experience for people of all ages. Adults and children can enjoy this activity alike. In this activity, one gets to do zip-lining sitting on a hammock that splashes in the water. While opting this activity make sure that:
a. Your weight is checked
b. You are given an appropriate safety gear
c. You opt for a proper height to avoid collisions

Suggestions About Xplor Park Cancun

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Whether you are traveling solo, in groups or with family, with any snorkeling experience or none, Xplor leaves you smitten and mesmerized. Although there are certain things that you should keep in mind while planning your trip.

  • Ensure that all your bookings are done in advance
  • Always carry booking confirmations with you
  • Keep your valuables safe in a safety pouch
  • Carry spare towels and few pairs of clothes
  • Prefer only authorized lockers to store your belongings
  • Avoid carrying excessive cash or jewellery
  • While taking guided tour rides, make sure they drop you back to your accommodation

Opinion On Xplor Park Cancun

Xplor has always been a favorite of travelers for all right reasons. A visit to this place explains why it is one of the must visit places in every traveler’s bucket list. Now that you know all necessary things about this place, when are you packing your bags!

Xplor Park Cancun
Location – Cancun, Mexico
Approximate Tour Time – 12 hours
Starting from USD 149/person
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