An Epic Outdoor Adventure In Cancun At Selvatica Park

Selvatica Park is one of Mexico’s best nature adventure parks. Situated in Pureto Morelos, the park boasts of the longest zip line circuit. Selvatica is known for its 20+ years of experience in providing entertainment with safety.

How To Reach Selvatica Park

There is pick up and drop facility from the park. There are some hotels which don’t allow the pickups from the lobby. So, you can go to a place which the driver will tell you and get yourself picked up from there.

If you are coming from Cancun, you need to drive south. The park is nearly a 45-minute drive from Cancun.

If you are in Tulum, you need to drive north. The park is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes far from Tulum.

From Playa del Carmen, drive north for about 45 minutes to reach Selvatica Park.

If you are in Pureto Morelos, the park is just 15-minute drive for you.

When you are near Pureto Morelos, you see a Selvatica Park sign where you should take a turn. After the turn, you need to drive for another 500 meters which will take you nearly 15 minutes to reach Selvatica Park. If you are driving by your own, you can use the Google maps and locate the park.

Things To Do At Selvatica Park

Selvatica Zip Lines – Selvatica is famous for the zip lines. There are many zip lines in this park awaiting you for an adventure.

  1. Tarzania – The human roller-coaster is a zip line and a roller-coaster combined! Well, that’s an interesting mixture.
  2. Superman Zipline – Ever dreamt of being Superman? Here is your dream come true.
  3. Glove control Zipline – You can control the speed of the zip line. So, drive it the way you want and enjoy the ride.
  4. Upside down Zipline – Well, the name has spoken everything! See the world upside down with this extremely adventurous zip line.
  5. Cenote Splash Zipline – End your ride with a “splash”.

ATVs Tours On A Blazing Polaris – The Polaris ATVs are much more adventurous. The quick acceleration, suspension that would absorb all the bumps and the amazingly easy handling makes it much more fun and easy to handle. Polaris ATV is nothing like others

Insane Bungee Jumps Off A Tree – Your inner voice will say, “Are you insane?” But, eventually you would jump and see your heart and lungs coming out of your body

Aerial Skywalk Bridges – How afraid you become when you imagine yourself on a rope losing your balance? Well, the skywalk bridges will make you feel the same way! But, fret not! There is always one hundred per cent safety. You will literally feel all the adrenaline rushing into your brain when you try this one!

Cenotes For A Refreshing Bathe – There is nothing more refreshing than getting a bath in cenotes. The salt-free, crystal clear waterhole will be the most relaxing place after you got dirty in your adventures. Take shower and rejuvenate yourself!

Tips Before Going To Selvatica Park

Selvática Cancún ATV’s y Tirolesas 2

  • Pack few extra clothes, towels and shoes to change because you will get all dirty and the amazing cenotes will not spare you!
  • Apply a high SPH (atleast 30) sunscreen lotion and carry one with you incase it gets rubbed off by water.
  • You should be of legal age to try these rides. Also, a minimum height might be required for few rides.
  • Rent a locker at the park to store your cash, credit cards and other valuables.

Opinion On Selvatica Park

Selvática Cancún Tirolesas
Selvatica is one of the best nature parks with thrilling zip-lining circuits which are one hundred per cent safe. There are a lot of food options for you which you can try. Plus, other activities makes Selvatica an idea place to enjoy your next trip!

Location – Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Approximate Tour Duration – 6 hours
Starting Price – USD 99/person
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Featured Image Source – Selvatica

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