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Hello guys. Thanks for squeezing a little time out of your busy schedule to stop by and go through this page. My name is Sai and am a passionate traveler and a blogger. I have traveled all over the world and I have a wealth of travel experience. It would be very selfish of me to keep all the useful information to myself. The world would not have been this interesting if knowledgeable people had kept their knowledge to themselves.

So, I decided to share my knowledge and experience on Unfinished Chapter, my new travel blog. All the information on the blog are based on my personal experience. I am so passionate about travelling. In fact, travelling around, meeting new people and seeing new cultures are the reason I live. It is my dream to visit every country in the world, if possible.

I don’t just travel, I make a lot of observations when I travel. I pay attention to little details and all these details are what will make up my travel blog. They are pieces of information that are very useful to travelers.

Ignorance can sometimes make you pay more for a particular service or product. Apart from that, some people like to cheat visitors. So you need to be fully armed with the right information. This blog will also give you information on which hotel offers the best services in a particular city. It will let you know what to expect in what city and what charges you should expect in any tourist places in a particular city.

Sometimes I take the time to visit as many places as possible in a particular city not because I love to visit that city but because I need to give information about as many places as possible. Of course, you will like to move around while holidaying, you need to understand which form of transportation is the cheapest or the best in a particular city. The blog will keep you informed on that

I can assure you that all the information on all my travel blogs are up-to-date. They are very reliable because they are what I saw. I deliberately made them as informative as possible. The more informative they are the more useful they will be to prospective travelers.

I want to make a difference among travel websites. When I travel to more cities in more countries, I will create more travel blogs.

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