Take A Unique Adventure With Nature At Xenotes Oasis Maya

If you love water, you will love it here! Xenotes Oasis Maya features different types of cenotes. Cenotes means a cave with water and is derived from the Mayan word dzonot. Centoes have fresh water and are beautiful. You can take bathe in these fresh water bodies and make your life a living heaven. This tour is not like other theme parks in Cancun, but it’s more of a touring company which provides special tours to the cenotes.

How To Reach Xenotes Oasis Maya

Salida desde tu hotel
Xenotes Oasis Maya Park provides pick up and drop service to and from your hotel. So, you can search for the hotel name in the list while purchasing the tickets. In case your hotel is not listed, you can contact them via e-mail or call to the customer care and get help regarding pickup and drop.

If you wish you travel by your own vehicle, you can follow the route on Google maps. But, preferred option is to take the pickup facility because are no signs on the way to Xenotes Oasis Maya Park.

Things To Do At Xenotes Oasis Maya

En kayak
There are a few cenotes which you can visit. There are a few activities which you can do in the cenotes. Different cenotes are named differently. Here are the activities which you can do:

1. Open Cenote (Kaa´k, the Fire Cenote)

  • These are characterized by the flora and cylindrical shape.
  • Swimming – You can swim in the amazing blue-green waters.
  • Zipline – You can try the amazing zipline cross the centoe.
  • Cliff jumping – Jump from the 15-foot high cliff.

2. Cavern Cenote (Lu’um, the Earth Cenote)

  • The cenotes are hidden under the surface of the cave. The combination of turquoise water makes these cenotes magnificent.
  • Rappel – You will enjoy coming down into the cave and slowly seeing the amazing cenote. Even if you are doing it for the first time, it will be very adventurous.
  • Swim – You can swim in the splendid water body which is hidden in the cave.

3. Ancinent Cenote (Lik’ the Air Cenote)

  • Since they are so old, all the rocks around them are collapsed and the water body is exposed.
  • Zipline – The scary yet exhilarating zipline in this cenote is one of the best experiences you would have.
  • Cliff jumping – The 20-foot high cliff is the perfect point to jump into the pool of amazingness.
  • Swim – Once you have jumped, you might want to stay there for a while. Relax in the open pool and rejuvenate.

4. Semi Open Cenote (Ha’, the Water Xenote)

  • The tall trees and the flora around the place makes it no less than a scenic painting.
  • Snorkel – Just dip yourself inside the water and watch the amazing aquatic flora and fauna.
  • Kayak – Relax for a while you admire the naked nature with all your senses and float around the cenote for sometime.

Suggestions About Oasis Maya

Cenote Ha' (agua)

  • The mobile reception is weak in these areas. Make sure you have completed all the chores which requires connectivity.
  • Bring extra clothes, shoes, towels and a bathrobe. While travelling from one centoe to another, you can be in the bathrobe and travel instead of changing to dry clothes every time.
  • A sunscreen with high SPH is recommended, for it might get very sunny during times.

Opinion On Oasis Maya

You will love Xenotes if you are a water lover. The amazing centoes are breathtakingly peaceful. Pair that with amazing food and it could be your next destination in Mexico for adventures. So, plan it and have the time of your life!

Xenotes Oasis Maya
Location – Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Approximate Tour Time – 10 hours
Starting from USD 119/person
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