Do Not Let Mexico Scare You Off

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As a foreigner I believe stepping out from your comfort zone and stepping on the road less taken path, being a traveler is always daunting. Worries will be showered on you from across kith’s & kin’s, let alone be immediate family. To top it all when you will disclose the location in your mind, Mexico!

No matter how beautiful the Latin American country seems to be with sparse population of desert bushes and rainforest and the mountains as well as pristine beaches like in Cancun, the great vast wilderness of Mexico is notorious for the Mafias and the gangsters that has dominated Hollywood movie scene for the longest period of time. By day, it is becoming difficult to cross the border however it remains porous, especially for the fugitives. It is no wonder why the notion states unaltered, “Mexico is not a safe country.”

But then, we travelers are a different clan. We have traveled the road less focused by media and know for sure the general kindness and genial nature of human species. We trust the basic instinct and kindness that binds all of us together and venture into the wild to wonder. Hence a trip to Mexico is not a challenge for us.

However, practically speaking, it is always wise to be aware of the ongoing situation, update oneself and plan the following course of action.

a historical ruins in mexico

Suggestion & Checklists For General Safety & Security Before You Visit Mexico
  1. Travelling by crowded yet cheap public transport makes you lesser of a target, if you are one at all! Take an Uber at night though. At night, it is extremely important to get home safely.
  2. These essential tips are your travel hacks to the country. If you have traveled to the country and faced any particular situation and would like to share your experience, please feel free to comment below. We would love to hear your insights.
  3. La Lagunilla and Mercado Merced, Tepito (you already know about the legendary culture about the city, right?) and other dark alleys are best avoided when travelling solo. Stay stick to the well lit central roads. Stay connected with your social network.
  4. Be extremely cautious of your cash and any expensive gear that you carry (yes, the iPhone and the DSLR). Hide them, carry them with you, and do not leave back at home. Needless to say, you must be well acquainted with the emergency contact numbers.
  5. In case of an attack or a possible kidnap, stay put and do not lose calm. Give up on the earthly possessions and try to save health. To avoid this extreme possibility, we strongly recommend blending in with the locals. Celebrate the Mexican culture by wearing their dress or making friends with a local (be cautious in the process though). And always, do not forget to trust your instinct.
  6. Please do not carry originals of important document with you while exploring the cities. We recommend a handy copy (Passport is a must).
  7. Enough of scary possibilities let us finally suggest one simple way to stay fit and healthy during the travel. Always try to source food from the street stall that is flocked with locals. Try to stick to bottled water as well.

Do research before you travel. Learn a bit of Spanish. Learn about the ongoing political situation in the country. Update with the locales you shall be visiting and the general safety calls you could make in dire need.

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