How To Protect Your Cash While Traveling

My friend is just back from a quick trip to South East Asia. Over a cup of tea, as we are catching up, she tells me of the ordeals she had gone through for losing liquid cash at the duty free shop of the airport while shopping for liquor.

It is really terrible to imagine a state when a traveler is stranded in a foreign land with least of cash support and less of acquaintances. This post is a trial to summarize seven precautionary measures a traveler needs to take in order to safe keep money while travelling.

For obvious reasons, no money is no honey, if you know what I mean!

Pocket Wallet

A fat wallet bulging out of your pocket as you walk past the busy roads might look like a cool thing in DSLR photos. Trust me, in real life, this single act of having a wallet hang on causes maximum number of snatches, especially in Asia and South East Asia. Please use an old school pocket wallet like inspired by retro style. Your money is safe as well as hidden from the crowd, not a distraction.

Divide Money Among Group Members

Good thing when you are travelling in a group is you can always divide the bulk of cash among members. To each his own! Responsibility gets divided as well as the hit of a lose is considerably mild. A snatching or an unmindful act of leaving the wallet will not leave the whole group robbed for chances of everyone losing money at one go is really slim.

Use USD Or A Bigger Currency

Often, many of them will carry USD and further change it to local currency. While the practice ensures the big bucks(USD 100 notes) will stay safe and with a handsome exchange rate, it is suggested you carry a currency that is easily accepted even at corner shops(USD and Euro for that matter).

Use A Card

Gone are the days when every transaction will demand for a cash payment. Take advantage of the ease of digital banking. Indulge in traveler credit cards. I personally love Citi Bank cards and their service. They are present in most of the major cities across globe with smooth customer care operation. A currency exchange and a card swipe, both will cost you a service charge. In general they do not differ greatly.

Multiple Cards

Life as a traveler is not much different than a resident citizen. We all use multiple cards in daily life for the ease of flexibility it ushers you with. Talk to your bank and get an extra card set up to be used while abroad, use only when you need it. May be, you can leave in the locker in your room and can come back grab it at any point you need it. Cards are secured with passwords and theft insurances. Invest in them, for financial planning is the most important part of a smooth travel.

Online Payments

Most of the world, unless of course you are planning a trip to North Korea, is well connected with world wide web. Get to use the comfort of online transaction from your abode, while preparing for the trip or even while you are in the new country. I always prefer to use online transaction as a method to book internal flights or train tickets, even the one day tours or an expensive fine dining restaurant visit that needs to be pre-booked.

Personally I always use Agoda to book for all my accommodation booking.

Phone tracking a wallet

Technology has bestowed our lives heavily these days, allowing us to track our wallets. Invest in one for never to lose track of your mobile phone as well, let alone the money. I have previously carried Voyager Smart Wallet from my RTW trip.

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