A Complete Packing List For A Family Vacation In Munnar

A family vacation in Munnar is a way of spending memorable time with the people you love the most. Relaxing in the serene surroundings of this idyllic hill station with your family, there are only a few things in life better than that! One of the most beautiful Kerala destinations, Munnar has everything that ensures a perfect family holiday. Enthralling waterfalls, expansive tea estates, rolling slopes covered in lushness, and many remnants of the eras gone by, all of this make up the dream-like milieu of Munnar. How can a holiday here ever go wrong? However, while traveling here you must pack with a meticulous preparation, or else you may have to suffer some unexpected hassles. To reduce the headache of packing, here is a well-curated list of items that you should be packing for Munnar.

packing for munnar

Water-resistant clothing

Mornings and evenings in Munnar tend to get damp. You and your kids may fall sick if your clothes absorb that dampness and make you cold. It can happen even if you have enjoyed the great sunshine during the day. Therefore, when you are packing for Munnar, make sure to carry water-resistant clothing such as jackets and lowers to stay on the safe side.

Comfortable shoes

It is natural that you may want to pack the most beautiful-looking pair of shoes for your trip. However, during your packing for Munnar, you need to ensure that you carry comfortable shoes. You might have to walk on uneven paths and there your most comfortable shoes will be your best friend. If you plan to buy new shoes for the trip, make sure to break them by starting to wear them a few days before the trip.

Hats and sunscreen

Most people when going to a hill station forget to carry sunscreen and hats, or any other means of protection against the sun. Ensure to carry these items during the winters as well because even in the winters the sun can damage your skin. Remember to pack a few bottles of sunscreen and hats to keep yourself and the little ones safe.

Portable chargers and extra batteries

You may spend a long time exploring the beauty of nature without getting the opportunity to charge your phone with your normal phone charger. Therefore, it is advisable that you carry fully charged portable chargers to avoid having your phone die. Also, carry extra camera and torch batteries as a precaution.

Where to stay

On your trip to Kerala, more specifically Munnar, you would want to stay at a place that matches the beauty of the location. Choose Club Mahindra Munnar, which is equipped to provide you a complete Munnar experience. Stay in the well-appointed rooms and when in the mood for some local delicacies, just head to the in-house restaurant. One of the best Munnar resorts, this one will provide you with moments worth cherishing forever. And, to ensure you have made the right decision, you can also check out Club Mahindra reviews to find out what our guests really think.

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