A Guide On How To Ride A Horse In Mongolia

What does the horse give you.That I cannot give you??

The magnificent creature horses surely features in everyone’s fantasy, to ride like the way Genghis Khan did in ancient Mongolia.

The forests, mountains, rivers, lake, steppes and the rest of Mongolia are quintessentially best explored on a horseback with the charm of rustic feel, in a traditional costume.

It was a 10 day horse riding expedition with visits to Ulaanbaatar city, Genghis Khan Statue and Gorkhi Terelj National Park.

But the most memorable experience of Mongolia trip, I was offered a stay with the herd and was well fed with traditional cuisine of the land.

Worry not for the hosts are well informed of the trail. They often go out of their way to ensure your comfort and best possible experience.

My horse was a well fed one with a smooth gait and remarkable responses. His name was James. By the end of the trail I started calling him Bond.

What a delight it was to watch Bond grazing around on Mongolian landscapes.

Guess who is James?

The friendly being often stopped on the trail for a mouthful, he crossed the breathtaking scenery making it my most adventurous trip of life, as a novice horse rider, with careful guidance of the herder.

Suggestions for novice rider like me

1 . Be confidant about your choice. The beast might be scary at the first sight, for horses are humongous. Trust me, you observe them for a while to find the tender spot and they are tame in a whiplash. Smile, laugh or breath to relax while riding for first few minutes. It will ease up your mind.

2 . Choose a gentle beast. Talk to your guide before selecting a horse. Tell him what exactly you are looking for. Look for a healthy animal for the journey is long.

3 . Be gentle with the horse. Remember it is an animal at the end of the day. Poorly treating an animal will leave you little choice to befriend it further.

4 . Be mindful of the customs locals follow while camping with herders. Mutual respect while travelling is the key to observe local culture with absolute oneness.

5 . It may be a bit difficult to adjust with saddles when you have to sit for long hours. However, remember it is the preferred way to travel in the country.

6 . Depending on the terrain, on a normal day, 30 to 50 km’s of distance is covered.

7 . Horses respond to western style neck reining. Depend on your wrangler to help the beast saddle up. Feel free to join if you think you have mastered the art.

8 . A typical day will compel you to sit straight on the beast for long. Do not be wary of the ordeal. The mountains have tucked in spas and leisurely abodes to laze around, unwind or just to sit and read a book.

9 . Do not forget to loosen up while riding your horse, for it makes the deal to carry you a lot easier for the beast.

I loved the rivers and country side of the trail that Bond took me on.

You got to try horse riding at least once while in Mongolia to know the real charm of it.

Hands down, I will choose to take the horse riding trip for a second time any day.

The fantastic view of countryside as I stand witness to sunset on top of the hillock hovers in my mind with pleasure.

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