3 Essential Restaurants In Ubud

Ubud restaurants may look like where local traditional meals alone are served to people in the region. This assumption is not entirely true. Ubud currently has restaurants that have gone from being local to being international.

Delicious and attractive food coupled with an excellent service and a home away from home service can be gotten along Jalan Raya Ubud and Jalan Monkey Forest streets.

Snacks, food and drinks are well presented not only in fine dining restaurants but also on roadside Warung’s.

Ubud has attractive and breathtaking restaurants. Few of my preferences are presented below.

Restaurant Lavacore

People who live within Central Ubud can easily take a stroll to this restaurant while those leaving outside like Penestanan or Katik Lantang have to transport themselves to the restaurant. This magnificent restaurant can be found on Jalan Diwi Sita.

Lavacore restaurant was set up in 2013 and ever since has not failed in its unique way of making very delicious cuisines by using the local traditional methods. Guests visiting the restaurant for the first time are always impressed by the services rendered, how different recipes are used to make delicious dishes. This has made loyal guests keep going there like me.

Recommended dish – Ceviche, which is Peru’s national dish

Bridges Bali Restaurant

This restaurant is situated in the western part of the gorge just around Bintang Bali market and is a bit away from Ubud central or a 10 minute stroll from the Royal Palace.

This is one of the renowned restaurants in Ubud. When looking for a restaurant to bring your love, to have a romantic dinner, this is the one. It gives a view of the valley at different levels and has a structure that is good for artistic paintings, drawings & exhibits. Bridges Bali Restaurant has a wine bar which sells the best wines available in Bali.

Recommended dish – Try their tasting menu along with wine paring

Mozaic Restaurant

Funny enough, the outward appearance of this restaurant looks extremely classical with ancient elements. It is situated in Jalan Raya Sanggigan, a less noisy area of Ubud.

This restaurant has a serene enjoyable environment with garden and has enough space that will give you a comfortable and a relaxed ambiance. One good thing about Mozaic Restaurant is that it opens every day, when the others are closed.

Recommended dish – Again try the tasting menu with some wine

Restaurants in Ubud are on par with restaurants in Singapore, London and San Francisco. All you need to is go to any of these restaurants in Ubud and enjoy the serene atmosphere, delicious food and services offered.

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