France Trip Planning – A How To Guide

The experience of holidaying in France is unparalleled to any other, its charm has ensnared visitors from all over the globe and it still remains a favorite amongst all travellers. France trip planning is nothing short of a fairytale come true, exploring charming villages and historical villas, taking a stroll down the cobbled street and gorging on wine and cheese.

france trip planning

The best way to get acquainted with the enchanting country can be with Southern France vacation rentals. Unlike hotels, these rentals allow you to get a real taste of what touring in France is all about as you get a firsthand experience of its cities, culture and food. Spend a laid-back afternoon on the beaches of French Riviera, explore the landscapes of Provence or just enjoy a quiet evening in the romantic settings of Paris, every destination in France has something new to offer.

A trip to France gives you a chance to explore this marvellous country that has inspired many artists and has made a home in the hearts of those who could never resist its undying charm. So, plan a trip to France and see for yourself the enormous beauty and magic that it holds.

When To Visit France

Unlike other countries, the climate is not a point of major consideration while visiting France, though there are other essential things to keep in mind while France trip planning. It is advisable to avoid the month of mid-July till the end of August as apart from the tourist industry, the entire country closes down. The best season to visit is spring and autumn, which is from April to June and September to November respectively.

The airline tickets are relatively cheaper and there are fewer tourists around that can help you to enjoy your vacation without having to be among a large crowd. November until the end of March are also offseason so if you are looking for low airfares then this the best time for France trip planning. You will also see a major difference in hotel prices and car rental fares during the offseason, which can be an advantage monetarily.

Transportation Within France

Another great thing about the beautiful city of France is how well the public transport connects all the cities making it extremely easy for people to commute. France is renowned for its superb public transport system and you will find metros and tramways in all cities and large towns.

While you can travel via underground subways in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille and Toulouse, you can make use of the rail lines to go about in other places such as Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Nancy, Nantes, Nice, Reims, Rouen, and Strasbourg.

Cars are also an efficient way to travel around and explore all the major cities of France but you will come across major traffic almost everywhere. While the most comfortable and efficient way to travel in France is using trains, you can also hire taxis that can drive you around. However, the taxi tariffs go up at night, on Sundays and holidays.

What To See In France

France trip planning means getting to bestow your sights on architectural marvels, spend your afternoons around picturesque villages and enjoy an all-new vigor for life. Every city of France has something new to offer in terms of landscape and experience. Provence in the South of France is a place with an enchanting idyllic setting, it has fields of lavender that surround rustic looking villas and gives travellers a taste of an exotic life.

Another such quaint place tucked in the South of France that is famous for its beaches is French Riviera. There is, of course, the capital city of Paris that has marvels such as Notre-Dame de Paris, the iconic Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Arc de Triomphe.

However, what is a trip to France without its graceful cobbled streets brimming with great places to eat and drink. Visit Bordeaux to experience this infectious liveliness of Paris, sip on some wine and marvel at the art displayed at the museums. If you are looking for some quiet time and want to see chateaus right out of the renaissance period then Burgundy is the place for you.

Another bewitching city of France is Nice, which has diverse landscape and a fusion of just about everything, be it history, culture, art or event. Do visit its museum, Castle Hill and Vieux-Nice.

What To Eat In France

France trip planning is not just limited to visiting spectacular chateaus and shopping at the fashion capital of the world. The country is also every foodie’s delight and there are some dishes that you have to try when you are here.

The first is Bouillabaisse, which is a traditional fish stew and you can try it at Chez Fonfon in city port of the Vallon-des-Auffes. The other very famous dish of France is Tartiflette, which is made of potatoes, bacon, and onions lavishly covered with Reblochon cheese; you can try this dish at the Alps.

French people love their Shellfish and that is one reason why you must try grilled oysters with champagne and saffron at Les Ormes at Barneville-Carteret.

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Useful Tips for Travelling to France

  • Do try to learn some basic French words and phrases as they might come in very useful.
  • You need to dress properly while staying in Paris, it is considered rude to wear sweatpants or flip-flops in the streets or while dining out.
  • French people are very hospitable and if a local invites you, make sure you carry a present with you, as it is a custom to gift the host.
  • Avoid taking cabs, as they are expensive and deprive you of the leisure of strolling down the beautiful streets of France.
  • French people are reserved and poised and it is important that you keep your tone down in public as it might come off as very rude.
  • Ditch the GPS and instead use a map in order to get from one place to another as that way you will not miss out on the several local spots on the way.

We hope that the article sums up everything you need to know about planning an easygoing trip to France.

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